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The Most Epic Let's Play in History

MR It's been said that it's hard to lose as the Allies in War in the Pacific. Was there ever a time when you felt like you might be losing? Any mistakes or accidents you particularly regret?

GH Losing is more a part of doing worse than history, so that was never really on the cards, but there were plenty of mistakes. I was very aggressive with the Royal Navy during the early stage of the war, and the Invasion of Iwo-Jima was a blood bath people will never let me forget (Just like the time in Distant Worlds when I accidentally blew up a planet.) I think one of my biggest problems was I started using my bomber force to early, and they were never able to build up a killer air force due to constant depletion of my reserves.

MR Did you play using any mods?

GH Nope. Not one, although I'm tempted to try a new map mod in the Japanese LP.

MR How long did the original LP last? What major life events occurred while you were playing? How did your wife and family feel about your commitment to the LP?

GH The Allied LP lasted 1,330 days (No I did not just consult the large spreadsheet previously mentioned) - so that's about three years and eight months. [Ed. – The LP began on December 7, 2009 and ended July 17, 2013] During that time, I got engaged, got a cat, got married and finally bought a house.  I also ran about 8 other LP's and built up my YouTube channel. The latter was due to an urge to get back into roleplaying, and how to do it better than just start the game, hit ‘record,’ and show the train wreck.

The LP hasn’t really impacted my day to day life that much, apart from needing to find time to post the turns. My wife is impressed that I've built myself a fan base; the rest of my family just think I'm crazy - apart from Cicero. He understands, but I'm not going to kill the people he tells me to kill because he's a cat, and cats are evil . . .

MR What was the biggest challenge in running this LP?

GH Holidays. Finding someone to post the turns when I'm off somewhere where there is no internet was not to stressful, but it was always a worry. There was also the time my harddrive died on me, I was able to recover the important files, but it was a stressful period. 

MR You've said in your posts that you're dyslexic. What special challenges did that pose? Were you self-conscious about it?

GH I definitely have a problem with my spelling. Spellcheckers are great when you mangle a word, but not much use when you accidentally substitute the entirely wrong word!

I was once told by one of my teachers upon entering sixth form that "When I started teaching Russell in the first year, I never thought I'd see him in the sixth form" Thanks, Teach, in front of the whole class as well! Now who's being interviewed for something he wrote!?

In fact, part of the reason I started LPing is to help deal with the dyslexia. I'm a firm believer in doing something that's hard and, for me, writing is hard. This is a way to push myself into improving, and I think compared to my earlier "work" my spelling and grammar have improved. 


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    Ground combat in Khota Baru.
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    Task force movement.
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    Central China tactical overlay.
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    Ground combat in Hong Kong.

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