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War Thunder Guide to WoT Players

Driver’s Ed

Tanks handle very differently in War Thunder. Mostly, they are slower – slower to accelerate, slower moving, and slower to turn. Most tanks cannot pivot – you need to work up some forward or backwards momentum before you can turn effectively. Also, attempting to turn at speed will tend to cause your tank to slew rapidly around – basically a handbrake turn on treads. Be careful – it’s entirely possible to crash or flip your tank – watch out for slopes! Finally, keep in mind that you are far more accurate when stationary than when on the move. World of Tanks simulates this, but in a way that’s much more abstract. In War Thunder, your aim point will bounce up and down as you roll over the uneven landscape and, when you stop, your panzer will rock on its suspension for a few precious seconds.

Take to the Skies

A recent patch added the ability to hop into a bomber or fighter in the middle of Arcade tanks battles. This option will pop up every couple of minutes. It’s a fun change of pace and a useful way to contribute some close air support at a critical moment. Just keep in mind that your tank remains on the battlefield while you’re in the clouds, so park it somewhere safe first.

If you haven’t played War Thunder: Air Forces, the controls are very simple – your plane follows your mouse cursor. Just don’t get stuck in a turning fight with a Zero!

Winning the Game

Arcade Battles in War Thunder: Ground Forces tend to be over very quickly, especially on single point maps. The battle will often hinge on who gets their “the firstest with the mostest” Unlike in World of Tanks capping fast at the start of a match is a valid strategy. And remember, you can respawn in another vehicle, so don’t be shy about risking your first vehicle to get that crucial early cap!

War Thunder: Ground Forces is a great game and makes a fun contrast to World of Tanks. I like to switch between the two depending on my mood – War Thunder Sim Battles for a slower pace game, World of Tanks for caffeine fueled insanity. However you prefer your tanks, I hope you give War Thunder a try and that this guide gives you a leg up.

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