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War Thunder Guide to WoT Players

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    Gun Sight in Arcade Mode
    A view of the gun sight in Arcade mode. Note the green 'plus' mark that denotes a potential armor piercing shot. It also shows the player how much shell drop is happening from the actual cross-hair to where the shell will impact.
Taking Aim
Unlike in World of Tanks, you have to manually aim the gun. In Arcade mode, youíll see a circle where your gun is pointed and a little cross underneath your aim indicator Ė this is where your shell is projected to hit at that elevation. If placed over an enemy tank, the color changes to indicate how likely the shot is to penetrate. Green indicates a likely penetration, yellow indicates a possible penetration, and red means you need to aim somewhere else, change shell types, or get closer!

In game modes other than Arcade you donít get a shell drop indicator and have to manually estimate the trajectory yourself. Essentially, youíre having to do the gunnerís job as well as the tank commanderís! At closer range you can generally guess at the elevation and hit. But at long range (battles in War Thunder can routinely occur at over 500 meters) hit Shift to use the gunnerís sight and the markings displayed there to place your shot. Finally, remember that HE and HEAT tend to have higher trajectories than AP or APCR.

Not If I See You First

Spotting in War Thunder works similarly to World of Tanks in Arcade and Realistic modes Ė enemies within a certain radius are marked onscreen. In Simulator mode, though, tanks are always rendered within a certain radius, but itís up to you, the player, to spot and identify them. To make things more challenging, in Sim mode you donít get a third person camera Ė youíre on top of the commanderís cupola. You need to keep your head on a swivel and be very mindful of visual cover like bushes and trees Ė if an enemy spots you first, heíll likely get off the first shot and youíll be dead. Finally, if you play a lot of Simulator battles, keep that in mind when itís time to customize your tank. A bright pink paint job might seem hilarious, but will make you all the more visible!

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    Gun Sight in Realistic Mode
    No auto targeting here. Gauge your shots wisely.

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